Hair Treatments To Make Your Hair Shiny And Beautiful!

You wash your hair every single day or at least every second day. But, do you ask yourself if you are doing it in the right way? Using the correct way for washing your hair and using some hair treatments can make a huge difference. Shampooing your hair less is better for your hair.

Anyway, before washing your hair, you can do a lot of things for your hair to keep its beauty and health.

Here are some hair treatments:

Hot oil treatment: Do this treatment before washing your hair. It will make your hair look shiny and also it will be healthier.

Olive oil, vitamin E, and almonds: When you mix all these ingredients, the mixture will prevent hair loss. Mix it all together in a bowl ( olive oil, vitamin E capsules and the almond oil ). Use the double boiler method ( glass bowl over a pot of boiling water ), heat the oil and start massaging it on the scalp and on the rest of your hair too. At the end, wrap your hair in a foil. Let it stand for less than 20 minutes and then you can shampoo it regularly like you do it every time.

Yogurt and an egg: Mix the yogurt and the egg in a bowl. Take the mixture and apply it on the entire hair. Let it stand for less than 20 minutes and then you can wash it regularly, with shampoo, as always.

Do this before rinsing your hair and you will be surprised how your hair will look shiny and beautiful.

If your hair is longer, do not shampoo the ends of the hair. Put some more shampoo at the roots, just because the most of your oil is there. At your tips of your hair, you do not need to add a shampoo, because it is the driest part of the hair.

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