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Daily Carb Intake – Lose Weight Magically!

Daily carb dose is very important for losing your weight. So, we will show you how much carbs you need to eat in one day.

If you want to lose your weight just lower the quantity of carbohydrate you are consuming. If you lower the quantity you will lose weight without counting the calories or cut the portions. So, you will be eating and losing weight.

If you want to surely live a healthier lifestyle, you must stay away from unhealthy carbs. Just follow these rules.

Daily carb – intake:

100 – 150 grams in one day:

Which carbs are you allowed to eat?

  • Vegetable ( any kind )
  • Fruit ( some pieces a day )
  • Potatoes ( sweet potatoes, but in small quantity ), and also some grains such as oats or rice.

50 – 100 grams in one day:

If you want to include carbs in your diet, this is a great amount for you.

Which carbs are you allowed to eat?

  • Vegetables ( a lot, as many as you want )
  • Fruit ( 2-3 pieces day )
  • A few starch carbohydrates

20 – 50 grams in one day:

If you really try to lose your weight fast, this is a good amount for you. If you really stick to this, you will be surprised how quick you will lose your weight.

Which carbs are you allowed to eat?

  • Low-carb vegetables ( also as many as you can )
  • Berries
  • Food with a small quantity of carbs, just like seeds, nuts and also avocado.

But you must know that this is not a no-carb diet. So, you can eat low-carb vegetables as much as you want.

In fact, it is really important for you to find what works best for you. Before starting something new, first, you should consult a doctor.

From 100 to 150 grams of carbs is the best amount for keeping a healthy weight. But people with a metabolic issue should take 50 grams a day.

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