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Banana Peel Treatment-No More Acne!

Every one of us is disappointed when we buy a new anti-acne product but they did not deliver as promised and it also did not clear our skin. No more disappointments. We will show you 5 steps to clean your skin just with a banana peel.

Banana peel anti-acne treatment:

  • Step 1:

Clear your skin by washing your face, you need to remove all dirt and also skin oils.

  • Step 2:

You need to buy a ripe banana, the color is completely yellow with some black spots on it. Just ripe bananas are rich in lutein. Too many ripe bananas which are fatty inside and also the peel is black, will not help you for this treatment.

  • Step 3:

First of all, peel of the banana. You can just eat the banana, or you can make a face mask, that is your choice. The peel is what you need. The banana peel is really thick. so you can hold one end of it on your face, and with the other one, you will massage your face.

  • Step 4:

Use only the inside of the peel, rub the skin close to the affected area. Just a piece of a banana peel will do so much for your skin. Massage it gently less than 15 minutes. Keep massaging with the peel while the white part of the peels turns into black. Or, just until the white part spreads all over your face. Then, just replace the old peel with the new one and keep massaging your affected acne area.

  • Step 5:

You need to allow your skin to absorb all the nutrients. So, you can leave it for all day. Then, wash your face with cold water. But make sure you wash it with just a water, avoid using a cleanser. If you can not leave it for all day than just make the treatment before going to bad. If you do the treatment before going to bed, wash your face the next day, when you wake up.

Do this treatment many days and you will see the result. It is awesome!



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