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10 Days Meal Plan! LOSE 11 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS!

If you start with this diet, you will not feel side effects, you will just lose weight. With this diet you will lose 11 pounds in just 10 days, also this diet is a lot healthier than others. This is 10 days meal plan and it should not be longer than 10 days. Better than other diets is also that you make your meal plan with your wishes and needs.

First of all, the most important for you is to exercise. Without exercising you will not see good results.

You need to eat fresh fruits, fruits that contain the ingredients which are necessary for your body. With vegetables is the same, cook them on a healthy and simple way.

Eat fruits a lot,  but for this diet, the best ones are apple, orange. grape, papaya, strawberry and also raspberry. You will get all the necessary nutrients and also they will help you to burn fat. If you do not want to eat vegetables or fruits, you can always eat muesli with yogurt. During this 10 days, forget about bread, cheese, pasta, meat and other similar food. You must know that fruits and vegetables will help you to lose weight, but it is not allowed to eat them every hour or as much as you can. You need to have 4 main meals ( breakfast, lunch, brunch and also dinner ). For every meal, you take, have a cup of fresh vegetables and one cup fruits ( 2dl ).

10 days meal plan ( example ):

  • Breakfast: cup of fruits (chopped), tomato juice (one cup), or you can also take one cup of yogurt
  • Lunch: vegetable soup (one cup) or bowl of lettuce and tomatoes, lemon and one cup fruits (chopped)
  • Brunch: cup of fruits (chopped)
  • Dinner: vegetables salad – you can take carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, then cup of cabbage soup and one cup of fruits (chopped)

You must try to drink fluids as much as you can and also less coffee. Eat the dinner earlier and just eat the meals every day at the same time. Anyway, if you feel hungry between the meals eat some fruit or just drink a tomato juice.


Source: http://healthbeauty24.net

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