Smokers Must Read This! Clear Your Lungs With This Natural Remedy!

Smokers Must Read This! Clear Your Lungs With This Natural Remedy!

We must know that smokers, no matter how long they have been smoking, active or passive, must take care of their respiratory system. That is because the respiratory system is the most susceptible to various diseases.

A lot of different type of a cough, like asthma, bronchitis and other, are the most diseases in smokers life and also in residents of big cities.

But, there is no need for panic, because in this post we will show you a perfect remedy that can help you. This remedy will clean your lungs and make you feel better. All you have to do is to read this post and then immediately start cleaning your lungs. You can do all that with this recipe.

We think that all smokers should make this remedy.

Ingredients you need:

  • one piece of ginger root (a small one)
  • two spoons of turmeric
  • a liter of water ( 33.815 us fl.oz)
  • 400 g. (14 oz.) of garlic (peel and also cut into quarters)
  • 400 g. (14 oz.) sugar (if you have brown sugar is better, but it can be also normal sugar)

For the preparation of this recipe, first of all, you need to put the water in a bowl. Then, take the bowl and put it on a fire. Add the sugar and wait some minutes. When the mixture starts to boil add the garlic, two spoons of turmeric and the grated ginger root. Then, wait some minutes again. The mixture will start to boil and then remove the bowl from the fire. Leave it like that, to cool down to a room temperature. At the end, when the mixture is cooled down, store it in the fridge.

How to use the remedy?

Just take 2 spoons of the remedy in the morning, after you wake up and also 2 spoons in the evening when you finish your last meal.




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