Lose Belly Fat Fast! Preform This Simple Massage Every Night!


Here, we will tell you about a simple massage, which can help you to lose belly fat.

Every woman wants to get rid of the belly fat. It is unattractive, but also it can put you at a risk of a lot of health issues.

So, the problem can be caused by a lot of factors: stress, age, not enough sleeping, unhealthy fats. Many people do not know, that belly fat can be an issue for those who exercise and eat healthily.

Stored fat, inside of the body, have functions to protect internal organs, to provide energy ( in a case of calorie deficit ) and also protecting the body from the toxins.

If you want to lose belly fat quickly, to make it disappear, you must find a way, your body to burn the fat. It can be done by producing an energy deficit. Consumed calories must be lower than a number of calories burnt.

Chinese medicine – Simple massage on the abdomen to lose belly fat!

We recommend you 2 minutes massage that it is a kind of internal exercise. It also cleans the abdominal region of toxins thus helping burn belly fat faster.

This massage optimizes body’s ability to disposal waste and also improves digestion. Here are some benefits of this Chinese medical massage:

  • Enhanced digestion
  • Intestinal detoxification
  • Burn fat
  • Treat constipation
  • Supports abdominal organ function
  • Improves flood flow in the abdominal region
  • Treats conditions like nausea, vomiting, and also indigestion

For better results, you need to do this simple massage before breakfast and also before bedtime, twice a day. Here are the instructions you need to follow:

  • Lie on the floor on your back.
  • Rub your hands until warm.
  • Put your hand on your belly button.
  • Make circular motions around the belly button, increasing the circle width. Every movement should take 1-2 seconds. Also, use firm pressure.
  • Your focus needs to be on the heat – it rises in the abdominal area as you rub.
  • Do the massage for 2 minutes or about 40-50 circles. During the exercise, you need to keep your stomach warm.


Source: http://healthadviceteam.com

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