7 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours That Are Harming Our Health!

If you want to get all the benefits from some food, then you need to pay attention to the time you consume them. We will tell you about 7 foods that we are eating at wrong hours and which also are harming our health.

7 foods that we are eating at wrong hours and which also are harming our health:


  • The night is the best time to drink milk. It relaxes your body and allows the cells to efficiently absorb the nutrients, while you rest.
  • The worst time to drink milk is morning.


  • Day – the best time for eating rice. Lunch is the perfect time to consume rice. Your metabolism is much higher during the day than at night.
  • The worst time for eating rice is at night. Consuming rice at night can increase body weight, because.

When you eat a certain food at the wrong time, it can damage your health.


  • The day is the best time to eat curd. Curd helps in the digestion process and also soothe the digestive system. It is a probiotic which helps in gut health.
  • The worst time to eat curd is at night. If you consume it during the night it may affect the respiratory tract.


  • Morning is the best time to eat sugar. You can consume chocolates or ice creams in the morning. Our body insulin in the morning is more effective in fighting sugar. Throughout the day, our body burns more sugar because we are more active.
  • The night is the worst time to eat sugar. It increases our body fat because we are not physically active.


  • We should eat bananas at noon. It helps in calming heartburn because it is rich in antacids.
  • The worst time for consuming bananas is the night. If you eat a banana at night, on an empty stomach it can cause stomach troubles. That is because banana is rich in magnesium.


  • Morning is the best time for eating apples. Apple’s peel is a rich source of fiber that is called pectin.
  • Evening and night are the worst time for eating an apple. It has a high content of organic acids.


Pulse and beans:

  • Best time to eat is the night. If you consume it at night, they will lower the cholesterol levels and also will aid in digestion. They help to sleep well.
  • The worst time to eat is morning. You need to avoid food rich in fiber, like bean, lentils or sprouts in the morning. It raises your appetite.
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