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Dozens of Smart New Ways to Get Energy for Life!

Dozens of smart new ways to get energy life, lose weight, sleep better, be happy, and stay healthy for life.

1. Drink more coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee: “It’s stunning,” says Sanjiv Chopra, MD. “Coffee is a lifesaving marvel.” Though he says it’s still a “riddle” how a cup of coffee does miracles for the body. Epidemiological studies confirm its shocking advantages. Some late research highlights:

  • More than three glasses a day brings down ladies’ danger of developing skin cancer by 20 percent.
  • More than six glasses a day cuts men’s danger of prostate cancer by 60 percent.
  • Drinking no less than one cup of coffee a day brings down ladies’ danger of stroke up to 25 percent.
  • Consuming no less than two glasses a day diminishes ladies’ odds of getting depression up to 20 percent.

“Drink it dark, or put some skim milk in it” to minimize calories, Dr. Chopra prescribes.

2. Pound protein in the a.m.

Protein convinces your mind and stomach that they’re fed and fulfilled; hold back on it and your appetite may lead you right to a pack of potato chips, says comprehensive medication pioneer Mark Hyman, MD. In a late study, volunteers whose everyday protein utilization fell beneath 15 percent of their calories intake were far hungrier after breakfast and ate a bigger number of snacks for the duration of the day than those whose protein levels surpassed that sum.

The additional snacking put them on track to acquire than two pounds a month had they kept it up. A critical takeaway: Don’t spare your protein for supper, Dr. Hyman says: “You can eat chia seeds in the morning. They’re high in protein, have a low glycemic stack, and have omega-3 fats.” Soak them in water for a couple of minutes, and you get a dessert, he says. “I add blueberries to mine. It’s an awesome breakfast.” Other common high-protein choices: hard-boiled eggs and Greek yogurt.

3. Stand up and count to 60.

Another motivation to be a stand-up guy or lady: It doesn’t make a difference how hard you hit the gym after work; in case you’re spending quite a bit of your day taking a seat, you’re doing harm for your health, says wellness master Chris Freytag.

The most recent proof: People who take the most standing breaks for the duration of the day—even as short as a moment—have energy life, slimmer waist, low cholesterol, and good insulin reaction over the individuals who don’t, even though they work out regularly.

Specialists say jumping to your feet routinely protects you against the tumor. In late examinations, they established that the colon tumor danger of individuals who put in ten years at a sit-down employment was twice that of those whose occupations included more movement. Standing up while chatting on the telephone is an extraordinary place to begin, she says, alongside “walking meetings” at the workplace. ”

4. Be careful with diet candy.

Late examinations by Sok-Ja Janket, DDS, uncover that the fruit and sour flavorings in confections can cooperate with no-sugar sweeteners to make an acidic blend in your mouth that debilitates and stains the teeth.

The worst are flavored lollipops since they break down gradually, giving the acid more opportunity to assault teeth. Bubble gum is the slightest damaging since it invigorates a stream of saliva that washes away the hurtful acids. If you must have a candy, Dr. Janket suggests picking any sort of mint flavor— spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen.

5. For energy life – Kick off your day with chocolate.

A piece of dark chocolate has the perfect measure of bromine (a cousin to caffeine) to wake you up yet insufficient to bring about a crash later, says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. It’s packed with cancer prevention agents, may diminish heart attack hazard—and tastes delightful. Eat it as a snack!

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