Regenerate Cartilage In Your Knees, Hips and Joints

Effective Natural Way To Regenerate Cartilage In Your Knees, Hips and Joints

Body structure relies on upon joints, and knees pass on the capacity. Here you can discover smoothie recipe that will restore the lubricant of your knees and regenerate cartilage.

You can stand appropriately, walk, run, bounce and stand on account of your knees. Nevertheless, injuries can hurt knees after some time and make them loose. They lose their lubrication, and the ligaments and tendons lose their adaptability.
Knees need to remain strong against aging and distinctive factors. You require them arranged for brisk and sudden advancement. Similar applies to your tendons and ligaments, as they have to remain versatile and strong to give support to your body.

Everyone realizes that gelatin is the ingredient for cakes. However, very few of us realize that this gelatin can be a great solution for curing ligaments in our hips, knees, and joints.

Most recent research uncovered that utilization of gelatin advances ligament recovery because of their structure.

If you have harmed ligament in the joints, knees, or hips, you are confronting with an enormous issue. So begin to use gelatin as a cure to recover the ligaments and keep the indications of osteoarthritis.

Gelatin is rich in proteins and collagen which participates in the development of the ligaments, tendons, tissues, and bones. Besides other foods which are rich in proteins, gelatin doesn’t have fat and cholesterol.

Recommended amount is around 10 grams for each day.

Here you can discover smoothie recipe that will restore the lubricant of your knees. You will have extraordinary results if you drink it consistently. This smoothie will give you an abundance of vitamin C, silicon, magnesium, and bromelain.

These ingredients have the capacity to regenerate cartilage and lessen the pain in knees and joints.


  • 250 ml water
  • 1 glass squeezed orange
  • 1 glass of instant cereal
  • 2 mugs pineapple chunks
  • 40 g crushed almonds
  • 40 g honey
  • 7 g cinnamon


To begin with, you need to cook your oats. Add the squeezed orange, pineapple, almonds, honey, and cinnamon to your blender and blend until smooth. Add the oats while your blender is running, and process until you get a homogenous mix. In case you prefer your smoothie cool, add a few ice cubes.

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