1200 Calorie Weight Loss Meal Plan for a Whole Week

1200 Calorie Meal Plan for Weight Loss in a Week

If you need to diminish your waist fat you are at perfect place. Weight reduction is not an unimaginable process. If you are completely committed and determined, then no one can stop you to get in shape. You can do that with this 1200 calorie weight loss meal plan.

What is 1200 calorie Weight Loss Meal Plan?

It is a simple eating regimen that allows you to eat any type of food, however, be cautious about the nature of the ingredients you are eating to fulfill your cravings.

Fruits and veggies must be taken as they are low in calories, carbs, and high in vitamins and fibers. They have a positive effect on the skin, hair, and wellbeing. Eat raw foods grown from the ground with no additional calories.

Junk food contains more fat and starches and should be avoided from the eating routine. Instead, you should focus on whole grains.

You should also stay away from fried food because they are full with additional calories. Even though they appear tasty and delicious, they can increase your body weight very quickly.

You should include a high measure of protein since protein is required for keeping up lean tissue.

Rather than having 2 meals you should circulate your calories into 6 meal design with the goal that it is better to have 3 meals and 3 snacks. You should construct a small and frequent meal pattern in your diet if you want to lose weight.


To diminish weight you should take after some regime. Exercise must be a piece of your daily schedule each of the 7-day plan to get more fit.

It doesn’t always mean that you have fat everywhere. A lot of people have fat only in certain areas, like the arms or the thighs. There are a lot of exercises available that target the problematic areas, reduce the fat and help you lose weight.

Additional calories will be burned with activities and when you are not taking any additional calories in your eating regimen, then you will accomplish your objective of reducing the weight.

1200 calorie Weight Loss Meal Plan 

This is an example of a diet with the daily intake of calories which will make you feel energetic and very active.

Early Morning:

  1. One glass of lemon water
  2. One cup of tea (without sugar) with 1-2 biscuits (whole grains)

Calories intake: 90


  1. 1 glass of milk(skim milk, sugar-free),
  2. 1 plate of uttapam/ upma/ poha/porridge/sandwich without butter

Calories intake: 330

Mid Morning:

  1. 1 banana/ seasonal fruits/ half cup melon/

Calories intake: 50


  1. 1 plate salad
  2. 1 bowl dal
  3. 2-3 chapatis
  4. 1 bowl mixed vegetables
  5. 1 bowl curd

Calories intake: 345


  1. 1 glass of Buttermilk/ a cup of tea (no sugar)

Calories intake: 35


  1. 1 bowl of salad
  2. 2 chapatis
  3. 1 bowl of mixed vegetables

Calories intake: 370

Total calories intake: 1220

The best part of the 1200 calorie diet is that you can appreciate the food and you can get in shape. You won’t need to starve yourself and remain away with your most loved food. 1200 calories will give you a speedy result.

This is the entire 1200 calorie diet for weight reduction. Take after this arrangement to get the outcomes quick. This is an ideal path for fast weight loss. However, if you want to maintain the weight, you need to include changes in your lifestyle. A balanced eating regimen with exercise are the best things to do to diminish your weight.


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