Ladies Nutrition's 14 Day Bubble Butt Workout Challenge

14 Day Bubble Butt Workout Challenge

Here’s a 14 day bubble butt workout challenge that you can do anywhere in your home!

14 Day Bubble Butt Workout Challenge:

Day1: 5 Lunges/ 20 Squats/ 10 Burpees

Day2: 10 Lunges/ 25 Squats/ 15 Burpees

Day3:  15 Lunges/ 30 Squats/ 20 Burpees

Day4: Rest Day

Day5: 20 Lunges/ 35 Squats/ 25 Burpees

Day6: 25 Lunges/ 40 Squats/ 30 Burpees

Day7: 30 Lunges/ 45 Squats/ 35 Burpees

Day8: Rest Day

Day9: 35 Lunges/ 50 Squats/ 40 Burpees

Day10: 40 Lunges/ 55 Squats/ 45 Burpees

Day11: 45 Lunges/ 60 Squats/ 50 Burpees

Day12: Rest Day

Day13: 50 Lunges/ 65 Squats/ 55 Burpees

Day14: 55 Lunges/ 70 Squats/ 60 Burpees


Bubble Butt Workout Challenge Squats:

  1. Stand on the floor and make your feet about shoulder-width separated.
  2. Point your feet outward.
  3. Never let your knees reach out past your toes.
  4. Look straight ahead. Twist at your knees as though you would sit in a seat, keeping your heels on the floor.
  5. Pull in your abs, and hold your lower in a neutral position.
  6. Tighten your entire body when you do the squat.
  7. Bring down yourself. In a controlled way gradually drop yourself down and back so that your upper legs are almost parallel with the floor. Extend your arms for balance.
  8. Keep the abdominal area tight at all times.


Bubble Butt Workout Challenge Lunges:

  1. Stand up straight, with your legs hip-width separated. Put your hands on your hips. Flex your abs internal and upward.
  2. Venture forward with your right foot around 2 or 3 feet. The taller you are, the further you should venture forward. Hold your back straight as your body pushes ahead.
  3. Lift your left foot slightly up, so that the toe is in contact with the floor, yet your heel is not.
  4. Twist both of your knees in the meantime. The point is to make both of your knees stop at a 90 degree edge. Ensure your right knee does not go over your toe line.
  5. Stay in this position for 1 to 5 seconds. Halting your forward energy will help you to put more exertion into ascending from the jump.
  6. Push off of your right heel to rise. Give back your right leg to its beginning position. Rehash with the left leg.

Bubble Butt Workout Challenge Burpees:

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width separated. Lower your body into a squat position, putting your hands on the floor before you.
  2. Kick your feet back so you are in push-up position. Keep your hands on the ground to bolster your body.
  3. Bring down your mid-section to do a push-up. Bring your midsection up.
  4. Kick your feet back to their starting position. Stand up, and after that bounce into the air while clapping your arms overhead.
  5. Rehash.
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