Feet Reveals Something About Your Character-Find Out

What Do Your Feet Say About You

We all know that people read palm to find out something about their future. But, fewer people know that feet and toes can tell something too.

So, look at your feet and find out something about your character:

Wide feet:

You have solid worker feet. You can not sit still and you are always on the go.

Long Narrow Feet:

You want nothing more than to be pampered. You always think that you do not need to work hard, there is someone else that can do it for you.

Big Toe:

If your big toe is longer than the others, then you are creative and also a clever thinker. But, if it is relatively small, then you are a multi-tasker.

Second toe:

How much longer is your second toe, the more and longer are leadership qualities that you have. Also, you are resourceful and dynamic. But, smaller second toe does not mean that you will appreciate harmony and will not try to bulldoze your way through situations.

Third toe:

If it is long, that means you are really resourceful and also energetic, particularly at work. But, if it is short, you really enjoy pleasures in life.

Fourth toe:

If your fourth toe is longer then your family is really important to you. And also, you will be deeply affected if your family is unhappy. If it is short, your focus is somewhere else, not only with your family.


What do your feet say about your health?

Little toe:

If you can wiggle your little toe for the fourth toe, then you are really adventurous, charming but also impulsive. If you can not, you are loyal.


If your arches are high, you are self-sufficient and also very independent. If they are average or low, then you are sociable, you value the company of others and also fairly extrovert.

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