How To Smooth Out And Get Rid Of That Annoying Hip Dip

How To Smooth Out And Get Rid Of That Annoying Hip Dip

If you don’t know what a hip dip is, it is the inward curve just below your hip bone on each side of your body. Some of us have round curves while other woman have a little hip dips.

Even males have hip dip, but for us it is much more noticeable, just because of the fact that our hips are generally wider.

The aim of this article is to show how you can get fuller hips.

It’s not the best solution to go under plastic surgery. The surgeon will only graft fat into the area where the dip is. With this he/she will try to round out you shape and give it a fuller look.

This is not really a safe option, you can try instead the solutions below.

Best exercises for hip dip.

First thing you should know is that you cannot get rid of hip dips 100%. What you can do is this exercises that will make hip dip less noticeable. (if you lose love handles, your hip dips will become less noticeable).

There are two groups of muscles that are in relation with the hip dips – gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

The following exercises well help fill out the dents.

Side leg lifts

  • Lie down on a mat, on your left side and keep your legs extended.
  • Resting your right foot on top of the left.
  • Slowly lift the right leg (form a wide v-shape with your legs). Now bring your feet together. Repeated this 10 times x 3.

Donkey kicks

  • All fours position with palms and knees on the mat.
  • You should keep the spine straight all the time.
  • Extend the left leg fully behind you.
  • The right knee must remain on the ground.
  • Push your left leg back up into the air and then back down.
  • Repeat this 30 times then switch leg.


  • Standing with legs shoulder width apart.
  • Keeping the back straight.
  • Now lower your body until the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Keep that position for 3 seconds.
  • Slowly raise back into standing position.
  • Do this 3 sets with 10 reps.

You should train your hips and legs at least 2 to 3 times a week to get results.

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Eating for fuller hips

If you want to eliminate hip dip and your hips to get round and curvy. You should increase your calorie intake.

Will I get fat?

Everyone is asking this question. NO. You will get fat only if you are not working out and not eating healthy.

What should I eat?

Not junk food for sure. Increase your intake of healthy foods, most of all protein.

For example, for breakfast you may add an ounce of walnuts, or at lunch have 8 ounces yogurt for desert. Drink a glass of milk before heading to bed. Calcium and casein in milk will help your body growth and muscle development.

You should consume foods that will help you burn belly fat. Several studies shows that high levels of fats can help to prevent the storage of fat in the abdominal area. Not all fats are healthy fats.

You can get the healthy ones from avocados, coconut oil, almonds.

You should always avoid trans fat, they are in almost every snack one the market. Always read the labels on the product that you are buying.

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Always consume enough fiber, it will help you regulate the digestive system and you will easily get rid of bloated stomach.

So if you really want to get rid of it hip dips or hip dents this is your best option instead of doing surgery.

And guess what, it only requires some of your time and for you to be dedicated to the workout and nutrition.

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