Ingrown Toenail - Here’s How to Get Rid Of Without Surgery

Here’s How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenail without Surgery

When there is growth of one of both sides of the nail underneath the skin ingrown toenail occur. The best part is that you can find customary and nonsurgical strategies that can solve this issue. What’s more, the individuals who don’t want to pay for pricey treatments can take care of this issue at home.

NOTE: These treatments can be only done in the early stage.

The most effective method to get rid of ingrown toenail without surgery


First, you need to make your nails and the skin soft and the best way is to set up a bath. Add 3 tbsps. of baking soda in the hot water ( no more than 37 C). When you are done with the bath, just take out the nail that is ingrown.

You can also apply a plaster on the zone where you’ve seen the infected toenail because it will facilitate the procedure. Along these lines, your ingrown toenail will be more accessible.

Put a piece of cotton in between the ingrown toenail and the skin underneath and using tweezers raise the toenail at its edges. Dip the cotton in iodine before you put the cotton on the influenced zone. Leave the cotton for one day and then you can change it. Do this procedure for two weeks. The infected nail must return to a healthy condition after two weeks.

If the application of cotton is difficult for you, you can use a blend of honey and garlic (1 tbsp. of honey and one garlic clove (ground)) or apply pure Aloe Vera gel on the influenced territory. All of them have antibacterial properties.

Remember that your skin should always be soft and change the cotton once a day. You should scrape the external piece from the nail when you are done with the technique.

Keep in mind to do pedicures from now on. When you notice any discharge from the nail or infection, see your doctor immediately.

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