Lose Weight by Only Lying Down Says Dr. Fukujuji

Dr. Fukujuji: You Can Now Lose Weight by Lying Down

Do you know that there is an approach to lose weight and get in shape by simply resting in a horizontal position for five minutes, three times each day?

Besides getting in shape, the procedure enhances your posture, something that the greater part of people experiences from their office jobs.

The method is created by Dr. Fukujuji.  It is a simple, quick, and productive method for getting thinner, and Fukujuji claims it is the best approach to get in shape for a very short time.

There is no requirement for workouts, strict eating regimen or whatever else. Simply try it for one month, and see the results your own eyes.

Dr. Fukujuji: You Can Now Lose Weight by Lying Down

You will need a towel, a rope, and a flat surface. You have to tie the towel in a roll with the rope and afterward put it under your pelvis.

  • Start by rolling the towel, and after that secure it with the rope.
  • Sit down on a flat surface (such as the floor).
  • Position the towel under your back, near your pelvis (the towel must be bigger than your back). So, lie down while the towel is under your back, parallel with the belly button.
  • Spread the legs in shoulder width and turn your feet inwards, so that your toe from one foot is touching the other foot.
  • Next, extend your arms behind your head and turn your palms down. Ensure your little fingers from both hands are touching.
  • Lie down for five minutes, and you’re done.

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The hypothesis by Doctor Fukujuji is that lying on the towel you adjust the arrangement of your pelvis and your spine. With what you will lose weight and get in shape.

Along these lines, you shed pounds, as well as you enhance your stance and diminish your back torment.

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