4 Minute Plank Exercise – Like You Worked Out In The Gym For Hour and a Half

4 Minute Exercise – Like You Worked Out In The Gym For Hour and a Half

The plank activity is a standout amongst the best activities for core strengthening. It helps you define the muscles of the arms, legs, and buttocks. Besides, it takes out fat and defines inner and outer muscles of the back and stomach area.

This technique is known as the “Plank challenge” and is intended to last four weeks. The levels of difficulty progress day by day. You will advance each day and end with accomplishing four minutes straight. When you get to the last stage, your muscle quality will be expanded and the body will become more resistant.

You should do this plank exercise appropriately. Get into a plank position, supporting your body with your hands, arms and toes being on the ground. Raise the abdominal area and remain in a straight line.

The perfect time for doing this practice is in the morning.

Keep in mind: People with serious medical issues, individuals with hypertensive coronary illness shouldn’t do this plank exercise.

How long to perform the plank exercise each day:

  • 1st – 20 seconds
  • 2nd – 20 seconds
  • 3rd – 30 seconds
  • 4th– 30 seconds
  • 5th – 40 seconds
  • 6th – break
  • 7th – 45 seconds
  • 8th – 45 seconds
  • 9th – 60 seconds
  • 10th – 60 seconds
  • 11th – 60 seconds
  • 12th – 90 seconds
  • 13th – break
  • 14th – 90 seconds
  • 15th – 90 seconds
  • 16th – 120/2
  • 17th – 120/2
  • 18th – 150 seconds
  • 19th – break
  • 20th – 150 seconds
  • 21st – 150 seconds
  • 22nd – 180 seconds
  • 23rd – 180 seconds
  • 24th – 210/2
  • 25th – break
  • 26th – 210/2
  • 27th – 240 seconds
  • 28th –As much as possible

Another awesome workout is the side plank, and it’s particularly good for the individuals who need to lose the so-called love handles.

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To do this workout, begin by laying on your side on a yoga mat. Extend your legs out to the side. Rest your elbow on the ground, with your lower arm on the ground. Look straight before you. As you breathe out, use the muscles in your guts and obliques to lift your middle and upper legs off the ground. Keep your hips and core up and engaged.

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Ensure your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Hold this stance for no less than 20 seconds, then come down. For best results, do another 20 seconds of side plank.

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