This article will explain to you the four most common body types. When you figure out which body part needs more workout, you could pick the correct practice for your body shape. Read this article and afterward check yourself in the mirror. Discover what activities are the best for your type of body and take after the tips.

Shape Up: The Best Workout for Your Body Shape


Those with a pear shape body have a body where the upper part of the body is narrower than the lower part.

The hips and the thighs are widest, so you have to find workouts that focus on these parts. Besides, you also have to workout your arms and shoulders. Both parts require a similar consideration.

You should walk as much as you can, and add running and cycling to your everyday workouts. Practice for 40 minutes a day, five times a week. These workouts won’t put weight on your hips, knees or thighs. Try working out with lighter weights for your arms and shoulders and after a while increase the weight.


You should consider yourself lucky if you have a rectangular body shape. Anything looks good on you, however, the main problem is having no curves.

When you put on weight, you gain more fat around the stomach area. You should try workouts that target the muscles on the stomach and smolder the fat from that area. Stair-climbing and squats are magnificent for this type of body. Walking uphill, cycling and running will activate all the other parts of the body.


These women have a smaller waist and the same ration of their shoulders to their hips.

They have a weight which is evenly distributed all over the body. Therefore, they should try finding workouts to tighten all the muscles.

Cardio activities are great. Cycling, swimming or Zumba dancing are great workouts. It is imperative to have a stronger upper back if your goal is to build more muscles.



This body shape is distinguished by wider shoulders than hips. These ladies usually find it difficult to search for a bikini that will suit them, because it is difficult to find top and bottom that will fit perfectly. (Usually, one part is too big and the other one is too small for them.)

These ladies ought to give careful consideration on working out their cores and tightening their thighs and glutes. These ladies have solid frameworks, so they can blaze fat very easy while building muscles.

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What’s more, these ladies ought to do practices that don’t need strength. Consequently, they should ride a bicycle, go for a run and do other activities similar to these.

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