The Bariatric 4 Phase Diet Plan - Everything You Need To Know

The Bariatric 4 Phase Diet Plan

Proper diet and nutrition are basic if you want to succeed after bariatric surgery. After your procedure, diet and nutrition will be the most important thing to you.Not only for fat loss but for healing your body and stay in good health.

This diet plan is divided into four different phases.

You are probably asking yourself, why different phases?

The main reason for the four phases is to help promote healing. Protein is absorbed by the body to promote better healing, while carbs and fats are more difficult to process. The phases are separated this way, just because of the facts that liquids are the easiest to digest (Phase 1), purees (Phase 2), soft foods (Phase 3), and at the end comes Phase 4 with foods that are hardest to digest, like red meats and starches.

The Bariatric 4 Phase Diet Plan

Phase 1

As we elaborated before, Phase 1 is liquid only. The duration of this phase, depending on the bariatric procedure type, can be from 0 – 4 weeks. For RNY and Gastric Band 0-2 weeks, and for Gastric Sleeve and BPD 0-4 weeks.

The goal of this phase is to intake at least 64 oz. fluid per day. The nutrition sources basically will be consistent of high-quality protein supplements only.

Portion size: 1-2 oz. every 15 to 30 minutes.

Phase 2

Duration period, for RNY and Gastric Band 3-6 weeks, and for Gastric Sleeve and BPD 5-8 weeks.

You will need to consume nothing more than pureed food and protein supplements. Once in a while, you can have any type of meat, except red meats.

Portion size: 3 tablespoons.

Phase 3

In this phase, you can still consume protein supplements, intake at least 64 oz. of liquids, and pureed foods. What you can add to your diet are vegetables and fruits. But you will need to avoid starchy vegetables, like potatoes.

Portion size: 2-3 oz. but limit intake of vegetables and fruits to 1 oz.

Duration period, for RNY 7 weeks – 6 months, Gastric Band 7 weeks-6 months, and for Gastric Sleeve and BPD 9 weeks – 6 months.

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Phase 4

It’s time that you can add starches and red meat to the diet. However, you should limit starches intake to 1 oz.

Portion size: 4-6 oz.

Duration period, for all the procedures, is 6 months plus.

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When you reach Phase 4, that doesn’t mean that you are all done. If you don’t consume certain foods with precautions you may get something like the Dumping syndrome.

This can occur if you consume quickly or in large quantities sweet or fatty foods. Your stomach will dump the food into the small intestine before it’s properly broken down. This can cause nauseousness, cramping, diarrhea, sweating or vomiting. You should avoid high sugar and refined carbohydrate foods.

Certain foods should be approached with caution, as they are very hard to digest:

  • beef
  • shellfish
  • grapes
  • whole grains
  • corn

Note: In all phases, you need to supplement the diet with high-quality protein supplements and multivitamins (powder form proffered.)

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