7 Body Features Only 5% of People Have and Makes Them Different

7 Body Features Only 5% of People Have

All people have the same number of hands and legs, and we all have similar body features, but there are still some details which differentiate us from one another.

Below we present you these 7 unusual body features that make people different:

  • A vestigial muscle, which was developed when our ancestors climbed trees, still exists in some people. Palmaris longus is a small tendon which is genetically still present in the human population. There are around 14 % of people have this tendon missing, but this does not influence the strength of the grip of a particular person.
  • The word tetrachromatic might sound complicated, but the concept behind it is pretty simple. People who are tetrachromatic have a fourth cone cell in their eye which allows them to see more than an average person i.e. they can see more than a hundred million colors. Painters usually have this characteristic and they are able to paint colorful paintings which can only be appreciated by other tetrachromatic.
  • Proprotein convertase subtilisn/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) is a gene which the whole human population has. However, there is a small number of people who have less of this gene and this helps them be at a lower risk of heart disease. Different pharmaceutical companies are researching the phenomenon and are optimistic to create a type of drug which can lower the levels of the gene in everyone and thus fight the battle against heart disease.
  • Stronger and denser bones are a characteristic of some people. Low-density lipoprotein receptor or LRP5 is a protein which replaces the bone matter once older cells die. If you lack this protein you can get osteoporosis.
  • You’d be surprised to hear that there is a rare mutation which leads to a so-called “golden blood”. It was discovered in 1961 and it is known as Rh-null. This blood type can be combined with and match any other blood type, the only negative side is that it is extremely rare and there are only 9 active blood donors.
  • Some people have an extra rib which usually appears near the neck. This rib can vary in size and if it is bigger it can cause mobility problems and create discomfort.
  • The preauricular sinus was common in the past, but as evolution happened this body feature slowly disappeared. There are, however, about 5 % of people who have this tiny hole near their ear.
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