Belly Fat Burning Workout That You Can Finish Under 15-minutes

15-minute Belly Fat Burning Workout

You don’t have to invest hours in the gym to smolder the excess fat. Working out with weights and having short resting periods is better for belly fat burning.

You will need 15 minutes of your time and a weight plate. Get a weight plate and do every one of the six moves consecutive. You’ll be utilizing the greater part of your body’s bulk, so you’ll continue burning fat after you’ve finished working out.

15-minute Belly Fat Burning Workout

Truck driver

Repetitions: 20

Take a plate and hold it with both arms out and stretched at your chest height. Pivot the plate to one side as though turning a wheel, and then to the other side to finish one rep.

Clean and press

Repetitions: 10-12

Your legs should be bent and you should lower the plate to your shin height. At that point, keeping your back straight and your trunk up, go up, bringing the plate up and squeezing it overhead.

Overhead lunge

Repetitions: 10-12

The plate should be over your head and you should take a step forward. You should get low until your back knee is not touching the floor, keeping the knee in the same line with your foot. Then, you can go up. Do the same thing with the opposite leg to finish one repetition.

Around the world

Repetitions: 10-12

You should be standing and holding the plate at the same height with your head. You should keep your head still, and then circle the plate in one direction around the head, then backpedal in the opposite direction to come back to the beginning position and finish one rep.

Jump squat

Repetitions 8-10

Take the plate and hold it to your chest. Then, you should lower your body into a squat position, and when you start to come back to the starting position, jump. Bend the knees to avoid any injuries and proceed to the following rep.

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Lunge with rotation

Repetitions: 8-10

Take the plate and hold it before your chest. Then, take one step forward. While lowering your back knee, pivot your abs to the same side as the leg that is forward. Go back to the starting position and do the same thing with the opposite leg.

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