10 Modern Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know And Practice

10 Modern Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know And Practice

Courtesy adds up to respect for the others and yourself and it isn’t hard to display. In this article, you will read about rules of modern etiquette that everyone should know.

The 10 Rules of Modern Etiquette:

1.Never put your bag on your lap or your seat.

You can put an elegant, small clutch on a table. A purse can be hung on the back of the seat or put on the floor if there isn’t one. If you have a briefcase, you should put it on the floor.

2.You should use the plastic bags and the brand bags from boutiques only for going to and from the supermarket.

It is tacky using them as handbags.

3.If you invite someone for a lunch or dinner, it means that you should pay.

When a female invites a colleague or business partner for a lunch/dinner, then she is the one who pays. When someone suggests: ‘’Let’s go to some restaurant’’, it means that everybody should pay for themselves. And when a male offers himself to pay for the dinner for a woman, she can accept the offer.

4.The individual who leaves an elevator first is the person who is nearest to the entryway.

10 Modern Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know And Practice

5.The most prestigious seat in a car is the driver seat.

What’s more, it’s a lady. A man sits alongside her, and when he goes out of the car, he holds the door and her hand. If the man drives, it’s better for the lady to sit down behind. In any case, wherever a lady sits, the man should always open the door for her.

6.Taboos for casual chitchat: money, religion, well-being, and politics.

Inappropriate to ask: Nice dress! What’s the price?’ How to react? Grin and say: ‘It’s a gift!’ Change the point of discussion. When the individual insists, you should say: ‘I wouldn’t care to discuss it.’

7.Familiarity with individuals who barely know each other is not allowed.

Treat the others the way you need them to treat you. Regardless of the possibility that you know a man well, in the workplace you ought to go about as though you were strangers. Yes, the same with your relatives. Respect the others.

8.Never come to visit without giving that person a call.

One British woman says that when she sees an unexpected visitor, she would put shoes on, take a cap, and get an umbrella. If the individual was lovely, she shouted: “Ah well, I just came!”. If not, she stated: ‘Ah, what a pity I have to go!’

9.The total number of accessories you should wear shouldn’t be more than 13, including fashion buttons.

You can wear an arm jewelry over gloves, yet not a ring. The darker it is, the more expensive the jewelry should be. Back in the old days, precious stones were viewed as a night embellishment for wedded ladies just, however, these days it’s conceivable to wear them amid the day.

10.Never dry an open umbrella.

You should always close it and if there is an umbrella stand, you should put it there or just put it on a hook.


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