Are you aware that insomnia can transform you into an eating machine and you can increase your weight? All things considered, this is valid and many individuals are not really aware. Therefore, today we’ll look at why this happens and how you can avoid it.

Two hormones are in charge of telling the body when you should eat, which are called the ghrelin hormone and the leptin hormone.

The ghrelin hormone is discharged by the stomach and its occupation is to animate your hunger. Clearly, the levels of ghrelin are higher before a meal and lower after a meal.

The leptin is discharged for the most part by fat cells. What this hormone does is that it conveys short messages to your mind how much stored body fat you have. When you have enough fat storage, the leptin will inform your brain that you shouldn’t eat.

When the fat storage levels are low, then this hormone gives signals that you should eat so the lack is secured.

So, how is all of this related to insomnia? People who don’t sleep enough have a tendency to feel hungrier but then feel less full in light of the fact that an interruption between the ghrelin hormone and the leptin hormone happens. The levels of ghrelin rise, but the leptin levels fall down, which makes you hungry even after you’ve finished the plate.

Also, the levels of cortisol will rise when you don’t get enough rest. Cortisol is the stress hormone which expands longings for high-carb, fatty ingredients.

Next time you wind up eating French fries, burgers, or chocolate, you know who to put the fault on.

Don’t consider taking sleeping pills. They will work for some time, however, after you quit taking them your issues will return.



Don’t nap

I suppose that taking a nap is all you consider when you get back home from a hard day of work, however, it won’t help you over the long haul. You will get some energy from a nap, but you will be unable to fall asleep at night. If you really must, don’t nap for more than 30 minutes.


Split your dinner in two

Having a big dinner will be the cause for 2 issues: to begin with, you’ll put on weight as a result of the vast measure of calories you can’t blaze overnight. Second, your stomach has a lot to process, so the stomach will keep you awake, so it can do the processing. Therefore, you should split your dinner in half, and stay away from all these problems.


Visit the bathroom

Go to the bathroom before you go to sleep so you won’t wake up having to empty your bladder. Additionally, don’t drink bunches of water just before going to bed.


Adjust your thermostat

It is generally acknowledged that our bodies rest better if the room temperature is lower than 70° F. Going over this temperature can make you sweat, drink loads of water so you’ll visit the bathroom frequently amid the night. Going a lot lower 70° F may make you shake which is also not comfortable.


Sleep between 6 and 8 hours

Try not to think that if you sleep more, you will compensate for that “rest obligation” you’ve had because of insomnia since it won’t. You’ll end up feeling more drained on the off chance that you rest over 8 hours and you’ll squander valuable time as well.

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