Recognize These 5 Heart Attack Symptoms One Month Ahead

Recognize These 5 Heart Attack Symptoms One Month Ahead

It is common knowledge that the symptoms of heart attack can be identified before the attack (myocardial infarction) take place. This attack is usually sudden and occurs without prior warning. This is one of the major reasons for deaths relating to this medical situation.

Only a few persons are enlightened about the few less obvious signs of an impending heart attack and these signs manifest days before the real attack.

One main reason for heart attacks is the accumulation of plaque in the coronary artery. This disrupts the normal blood supply in the system and moments later the attack will take place.

A tissue dies during a heart attack. This is due to improper circulation of blood and the patient will experience excruciating pains and strong pressure in the heart. If the individual is alone and there is no presence of medical personnel, the dead tissue may lead to death.

This article will reveal the common symptoms that will detect the possibility of an impending heart attack that might take place within a short period of time. These symptoms, according to some experts can signal an impending attack sometimes one month before it strikes.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

  1. Unpleasant feeling around the chest: When there is a low amount of oxygen in the heart muscles due to poor flow of blood, it can result in discomfort in the chest region. This pain increases gradually until the individual experiences a cardiac arrest.
  2. Steady Fatigue: Less blood will reach the heart as the plague begins to clog the coronary artery, this will cause the heart muscles to function with difficulty resulting in a steady fatigue
  3. Shortness of breath: If you have difficulty in breathing, there is a possibility that you will experience heart failure in a short time. When there is no regular flow of blood, it means that the lungs receive less oxygen and shortness of breath will be the end result. The cardiovascular system and the respiratory system are closed related; hence, this has a high chance of being a sign of a heart attack.
  4. Feeling of weakness: When the body is not getting the required amount of oxygen, weakness will set in. The body will feel even weaker as the artery gets narrower.
  5. Frequent feeling of dizziness and/or cold sweats. If you are having all the signs that lead to heart attack, there is a probability that you will experience a weird occurrence of cold sweats and/or dizziness. The aggravated circulation of blood in the cardiovascular system limits the quantity of blood that gets to the brain and results in clamminess and dizziness. This is noticeable especially when you quickly get up from your chair or bed.


Recognize These Heart Attack Symptoms One Month Before

What can be done?

If you have observed some of the symptoms mentioned previously or a combination of such symptoms. You should consult your doctor immediately. These are severe signs that imply the impending occurrence of heart failure. There are some things you can do to prevent a heart attack.

The symptoms of heart attack are less obvious in women and in many cases, they cannot be observed at all. For this reason, women are advised to see their doctors more regularly. Be swift to do a check-up whenever you observe any strange behavior in your body.

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