10 Photos That Prove Most People Have NO Idea How Food Grows

10 Photos That Prove Most People Have NO Idea How Food Grows

Almost everyone nowadays on some kind of healthy diet and at least one of this food is on your plate almost every day. But if you see it growing somewhere outside will you recognize it?

All of us just go to the supermarket or the grocery store and just get what we need. But probably you have no idea how these 10 foods grow, and what they look like in nature.

Because of the globalization we have everything we need at “hand reach” and have lost sight of the origins of what we eat and where does it come from.

The 10 pictures below are a great way to test yourself or your kids to find out if you really know where certain common foods come from.

Can you identify some of this naturally grown food?


This very aromatic spice is harvested from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree.

10 Photos That Prove Most People Have NO Idea How Food Grows


Cashew tree produces the cashew, that we consume as a food and the cashew apple which can be processed into a fruit drink or liquor.

CocoaCocoa tree

It may look like a small pumpkin on a tree, but is a cocoa plant.


quinoa plant
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This super food is not actually a grain, it is more related to spinach. Its leaves can be also consumed as a vegetable.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds
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Sesame seeds are growing on a plant that can reach up to 3ft.



Pistachios are basically cashews, they are a member of the same plant family.


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The vanilla plant is actually a vine plant. Almost 95% of foods that contain vanilla are made of synthetically produced vanilla(Vanillin)





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It is a flower that we consume it as a vegetable while it is immature before it converts to the flower head.

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This is how dates grow in the wild.

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