Press These Points On Your Baby’s Body To Make Them Stop Crying

Press These Points On Your Baby’s Body To Make Them Stop Crying

Reflexology is a cultural practice which started in ancient China. Nowadays, this kind of alternative medicine seems to be rejuvenated and gaining popularity in developed nations due to its potential to treat the symptoms of many ailments.

Due to the fact, that reflexology is one of the less invasive and most natural forms of treatment, it is very suitable for calming little children. Babies get our attention by crying because they cannot communicate their pain or discomfort in words. Reflexology provides an efficient method to ascertain the issue with the child and also heal whatever the problem may be.

Reflexology guide for babies

Babies respond more to reflexology than adults because they respond more to physical touch. The natural reaction of parents when a child is hurt is to embrace the child, caress his back etc. This is the reason why reflexology is most suitable for babies.

It involves the application of pressure to certain areas of the body especially the legs and feet. The practice of Reflexology concentrates on the healing of come health problems that produce symptoms in some parts of the body.


The sinus area is located in the right central part of the insole. When pressure is applied in this region, it reduces the severity of the symptoms of a runny nose, sinus operation, colds and respiratory problems.

Head / Teeth

It is recommended to rub the tips of the baby’s toes to treat problems relating to head, neck, and teeth. Also, massage the toes especially during growth to minimize discomfort and dental pain of the baby.

baby stop crying press points feet reflexology


The chest area corresponds to Pingel foot area. Massaging this area reduces pectoral congestions while aiding the treatment of a chronic cough or cold. Lots of medical research has proven scientifically that this therapy successfully reduces all kinds of congestion.

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