6 Alarming Symptoms of Low Potassium Levels in the Body

6 Alarming Symptoms of Low Potassium Levels in the Body

You might not be well informed about the deficiency of potassium even though you should be knowledgeable about it.

Potassium is a very necessary mineral for the adequate function of the entire human body, though symptoms of a low amount in the body can be dangerous for your health.

As said earlier, it is necessary for the adequate functioning of the muscles and the heart. About 98% of potassium is present in the cells; therefore any little alteration to its level can have adverse effects on the muscles, heart, and nerves.

Symptoms of low potassium in the body

  1. Heart Palpitation:

As mentions earlier, deficiency of this mineral affects the health of the heart. It can result in heart palpitation and irregular heartbeat rhythm for no reason.

It can also interfere with the coordinated and rhythmic heart contractions which are controlled by electrical impulses. These are some of the reasons why you should take in more potassium to protect your heart from heart attacks, heart diseases, and strokes.

  1. High blood pressure:

It can reduce the effects of Sodium, hence it is imperative that you consume food rich in potassium to help keep your blood pressure at a safe level.

  1. Constipation:

Deficiency in this mineral can reduce most functions of the body including the digestion process. This can result in abdominal cramping and bloat. This, however, does not mean that only deficiency can result in bloating. Ensure you control any food that can cause bloating.

  1. Having repeated bloated feeling:

When the potassium level in the body is low, the body finds it difficult to regulate the amount of sodium and this causes salt-induced bloating to occur.

  1. Tingling and Numbness:

Deficiency in potassium affects the health of your nerves. If this important mineral is lacking, you may experience annoying needles and pin sensation.

Alarming Symptoms of Low Potassium Levels in the Body

  1. General Fatigue:

The general feeling of fatigue is another sign of deficiency. For no explainable reason, you will feel tired not because of overworking or overexertion.

Because every cell in the body requires potassium to carry out its functions, a deficiency in this mineral can greatly affect the functions of cells and organs.

If you experience general fatigue without putting in extra energy during your routine activities, see your doctor to diagnose the real problem.

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