What is the need spending lots of money on products that contain plenty of harmful chemicals when you can make use of natural alternatives?

Coconut oil is the best alternative to maintain your personal hygiene. It helps to increase the absorption of nutrient in the body and also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This very healthy oil also acts as antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal agent. There are over a hundred uses of coconut oil, below are 28 of them.

20 Surprising Uses Of Coconut Oil For Personal Hygiene


Coconut is helpful in reducing itching and flaking in the scalp because of its strong moisturizing ability. All that is required is to massage some quantity on your scalp before going to bed. Allow the oil overnight and wash your hair with warm water and raw-vegan shampoo when you wake up. It is imperative that you apply raw-vegan shampoo due to harmful chemicals contained in the commercial varieties which can worsen the dandruff situation.

After Shave:

Coconut oil can handle razor burns. Use it after shaving to treat the irritation on the skin.

Cream for Stretch marks:

This awesome oil helps in solving stretch marks. You only need to apply it 3 to 4 times each day on the affected area.

Tatoo healing:

Apply some oil to prevent infection and hasten the healing of your new tattoo.

Pore minimizer:

Coconut can help to reduce the size of the pores and make the skin softer and smoother. It will also hinder dirt and bacteria from penetrating the skin pores which helps in controlling acne.

Hand cleaner:

Coconut oil is a good hand cleaner because of its awesome antibacterial properties. For 30 seconds, massage your hands and wipe them with a warm washcloth. Next, use a dry washcloth to wipe your hands. The remaining oil on your hand will be absorbed by the skin.


Commercial deodorants contain a large quantity of harmful ingredients like aluminum; this is why they should be replaced with coconut oil. What you need to do is to rub some oil in your armpits.


Apply a bit of coconut oil on the affected area to prevent the risk of a permanent scar and hasten up the healing process.

Prevention of wrinkles:

Coconut oil gives a refreshed and younger look to the skin and strengthens it. It also helps in stopping the emergence of wrinkles. It is recommended that you use it as a facial moisturizer at night.

Vaseline substitute:

Coconut is a better substitute than petroleum-based Vaseline.

Varicose veins:

You may not believe this but coconut oil is very effective as a natural solution to varicose veins. What you need to do is to apply some oil to the affected area up to 6 times each day. This process should be repeated until the desired outcome is achieved.

Body Scrub:

Use a mixture of sea salt and coconut oil as a natural body scrub for both the body and face. Mix 2 tablespoon of sea salt and 2 tablespoons of coconut.

Nail Strengthener.

The nails can be strengthened by applying coconut oil on them.


Coconut oil can be used as toothpaste. By mixing some with baking soda, you will be making an all-natural and fluoride-free toothpaste.

Eye Cream:

Before going to bed, put some coconut oil around the eye before sleeping and gently massage. This easy method will aid in hydrating the skin.

Reduce split ends:

Dry split ends can be reduced by coconut oil. Cut your hair and put a bit of coconut on the tips.

Makeup remover:

It is very efficient for makeup removal. Apply some coconut oil to a cotton pad, use it to apply on the makeup. Allow for up to 5 minutes and wash the face with natural soap.

Healing bruises:

When applied to bruises, coconut oil speeds up the healing process. It can also be used to minimize skin redness.

Insect repellant:

Coconut oil can be used to produce homemade insect repellant.

Uses of Coconut Oil For Personal Hygiene


As mentioned earlier, it may help protect the skin from sun rays because of its natural sun protection factor.  You will be avoiding the costly sunscreen products which contain harmful chemicals by using coconut oil. Twenty minutes before you go out, apply it on your skin.

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