Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read This

Have you ever done a test on color vision? They are carried out to ascertain whether or not you have a deficiency in color vision – a condition that is mostly inherited.

If an individual has a poor color vision, their ability to determine the difference between some colors is reduced.

Individuals with a deficiency in a color vision sometimes do not know they have this problem. Usually, people discover in real situations like stopping at the sight of a traffic light without knowing what colors are currently showing.

Many times individuals with a deficiency in color vision see:

  • Different shades of yellow and blue
  • Different shades of red and green

Most people think color blindness and color vision deficiency are the same. True color blindness is used to refer to a rare situation whereby a person only recognizes shades of white and black. Here is a simple exercise to help you determine whether or not you have a deficiency in color vision.

Only individuals with perfect color vision can read these 8 words without a pause in between. Can you?

4 Types of color blindness:

CVD or color blindness affects about 0.5% of women and 8% of men. There are broadly four types of color blindness (it is not only seeing in shades of grey) and we’ve got some images to show you how each looks like.


This less common form of color blindness occurs in 1% of men. There appears to be a higher contract with Protanopia because all greens and reds will appear pale, other colors such as blues and yellows are inclined to appear the same.


About 4.63% of men suffer from this form of color blindness without knowing it; it is the most common form of color blindness. Colors such as green and red will appear to lack their natural brightness or seem faded.

Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read This

Have you ever done a color vision test?

Total Color Blindness:

This form of blindness exists but occurs in about 0.00003% of the entire population of the world.


This form of color blindness equally affects both men and women at a very minimal and rare level. Individuals with this CVD see the world in tones of green and pink.

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