8 Health Related Myths That Have Nothing in Common With Reality

8 Popular Health Related Myths That Have Nothing in Common With Reality

Many people believe in old wives’ tales besides the fact that they have been proven wrong and unreal. Below we will present you some of the most common myths related to our health. This article will help you make a difference between what’s real and what’s fake.

If you throw your head back, your nosebleed will stop!

This is a pure health related myth. Throwing your head back can actually have a negative effect since blood can go to your throat and you can easily lose breath and choke. The right way to handle a nosebleed is to lean forward and use a piece of cloth with ice so you can tighten the blood vessels and stop the blood flow.

If you drink milk, your bones will become stronger!

New health studies have shown that there is no connection between milk consumption and the number of fractured bones. Some researchers even discuss how milk increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Shaving your hair makes it thicker!

People who suffer from hair loss believe that shaving their hair will result in growing more thicker and dense hair. However, shaving is not relating to growing more hair, since the number of hair follicles is genetically predisposed. Plus, hair grows from the roots, not the ends, so shaving the ends will have no effect on the speed of hair growth.

If you microwave food, it will lose its nutrients!

The process of cooking leads to loss of nutrients. The microwave is just another way of heating up food- it’s not a nutrient killer.

If you use sunscreen, you’ll protect your skin from cancer!

The use of sunscreen is always a good idea, however, sunscreen doesn’t have the ability to eliminate completely the development of skin cancer. Moreover, if you choose the wrong sunscreen you might be in bigger danger. Different types of skin require different types of sunscreen. There’s no sunscreen that will give you a 100 % protection regardless of how often you apply it and how high the SPF is.

White teeth are healthy teeth!

Many people would be disappointed to hear that white teeth don’t mean health teeth. These two don’t go together. As a matter of fact, white teeth are considered to be a sign of low calcium level in the human body.

Cooked vegetables are not as healthy as raw vegetables!

This rule doesn’t apply to all vegetables. For example, carrots, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, potatoes, and beets are better when they are boiled. Moreover, minerals can be absorbed better from boiled vegetables, although some vitamins are lost in the process.

If you eat at night, you’ll gain weight!

It’s a complete myth that if you eat at night you’ll gain weight. What matters is the number of calories you are consuming regardless of the time of day.

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