10 Cheap and Easy Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

10 Cheap and Easy Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

The best thing about the kitchen hacks we’re going to present you below is that they are cheap and easy to do.

10 Cheap and Easy Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

  1. Cloudy ice cubes?

In order to avoid having cloudy ice cubes, you need to boil the tap water. The taste will not change, but your cocktails will look much better.


  1. Using shoe racks as organizers in the kitchen

If you want to make things easily reachable for kids, or just to hide them then you can use over-the-door shoe racks.

  1. Cookbooks on the wall in your kitchen

You can use a shoe rack on the wall to place your cookbook, so you don’t make it dirty with whatever you are cooking.

  1. Prevent avocado from browning with onion

If you want to stop your avocado from losing its freshness and becoming brown, you need to keep it in a container with a slice of onion.

  1. Using corkboards inside cupboards

If you need extra space in your cupboards, you can attach some corkboards to the inside of your cupboards and you can use them to hang recipes, utensils, or simply leave notes.

  1. Keep brown sugar fresh

If you want to keep your brown sugar fresh in its container you need to soak a sugar saver in water. This will keep your sugar soft and nice for months.

  1. How to repel bugs from your kitchen

In order to keep bugs drowning in your ice summer drink, you need to poke a hole in a cupcake liner and use it as a cover for your drink.

  1. Prevent water boiling over

All you need to do is place a wooden spoon on your pot and you’ve solved your boiling water problems.

  1. Tear-jerking onion?

Food tastes better when cooked with onion, but onion also causes your eyes to start watering and it is not a pleasant feeling at all. In order to prevent your eyes from watering while cutting the onion, you need to freeze the onion at least 30 minutes before planning to cut it.

10 Amazing and easy DIY Home and Kitchen Hacks

  1. Super easy, summer frozen yogurt

If you plan to make fruit yogurt, to chill your hot, summer days, you need to put some frozen fruit in it before freezing it. This will make it taste even better.

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