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How To Accurately Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

There are five basic body fat percentage principle techniques that you can try, each with fluctuating levels of precision and cost.

 How To Accurately Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

1) Take a Look

By having accurate pictures and contrasting a photo of yourself, you can decide to some degree nearly what your percentage of body fat is.



2) Body Fat Calipers

Take a set of calipers. You can get them for $5 or less. Pull the fat far from your muscles, squeeze them with the caliper, take the estimations, and look at a diagram to find out your percentage of body fat. Some suggest utilizing one test site, some various. I would say, I have found that these calipers tend to underestimate the percentage of body fat, yet they are great considering their price.

3) The measurement technique

By taking measurements (like the US Navy or the YMCA measurements), you can find out your percentage of body fat. I have found that this strategy isn’t amazingly precise as it can undoubtedly overestimate your body fat. It only takes into account few points of data, so it isn’t surprising to be not that accurate.



4) Body fat scales and screens

An electrical current is sent through your body and uses biometrical impedance examination. I don’t generally like this technique, as I locate the number that it releases to be unpleasantly mistaken; in light of the fact that they send an electrical momentum through your body, the measure of water you are conveying can radically change this number.

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5) The Bod Pod

The technique computes your percentage of body fat by utilizing air relocation to quantify your body mass, volume, and thickness. This is very precise but pricey. Discover a bod pod area by putting in your area location in the right-hand section.

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