Obesity Map You Need to See: How Does Your State Do?

The Obesity Map You Need to See: How Does Your State Do?

Even though obesity rates are not rising, they’re being steady all through the nation.

In 2014, every state had a rate of almost 20%. Nineteen states had a populace with a 31–36% obesity prevalence. Also, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi had rates of 36% or more. Virginia and Mississippi were the principal states to report more than 36% of the obese population, in 2013, and now there are more.

In general, the Midwest has the highest rate of obesity, with the South arriving in the second place. These measurements were accumulated utilizing self-detailed information (members gave their tallness and weight via telephone). What’s more, if you’ve ever lied how much you weigh, you realize that implies these outcomes may be lower than the genuine rates all through the nation.


Why are these rates so scary?

Why should you be concerned with this issue? Excess weight is the main cause of many conditions, for example, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and coronary illness. In addition, it’s pretty darn costly, as well. The evaluated yearly restorative cost of obesity in the U.S. in 2008 was $148 billion.

The Obesity Map You Need to See: How Does Your State Do?

The Obesity Map You Need to See How Does Your State Do

Here’s how the numbers break down:

  • Only six of the states had obesity rates in the vicinity of 20 and 25 percent: Montana, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Utah.
  • Obesity pervasiveness shifts broadly in light of race and ethnicity. Take, for instance, Puerto Rico. The general rate there is 30 percent. However, among white grown-ups, the commonness hops to more than 45 percent.
  • Nationwide, people with darker skin had the most astounding rate of all ethnic and racial groups. More than 40 percent of this population are obese.
  • The South had the most elevated predominance of weight by area, ringing in at 32 percent. In the West, obesity was least common. Only 25 percent of grown-ups were reported obese.
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